David Maayan


Novaragasse 24/11
A-1020 Vienna


hallo, I am interested to propose my life-experience and my professional experience to students or artists or any one who desire to learn how to become an independent artist in the field of contemporary theater or in the field of inter disciplinary theater as well as in the field of the performing arts. as my believe is in the ones of this art. so I am interested in teaching and leading workshops or seminars in your place. through the years I developed various ways to use artistic tools for self development . These artistic tools are for the artists a way of creating reality on stage, finding ways to the inner world of the characters.Same tools can In life for ordinary people be tools for enriching and upgrading the abilities to be focused on ways to create one’s own reality. To become friendly with the inner being. To learn the art of well being and of feeling good. So and I would like to propose this experience to the public or to individuals with workshops and seminars for groups or individuals. The work I propose is for every one. It is for any individuals who seeks for well being or for any organizations who sees in the well-being of their members a high value. It is of course recommended for artists of performing art who sees in self maintenance a major subject for their own professional development. thank you for your interest and respond. David Maayan Novaragasse 24/11 1020 Vienna, Austria Mobile: 00-43-699-17211094 E-mail:

Theater and personal growth